Juggling Wednesday / Zsonglőr szerda

Do you want to juggle with Hungarian jugglers in Budapest? Our weekly outdoor meeting is held every Wednesday afternoon in the City Park named Városliget at this location: 47.514154, 19.085589 (click for the map).

Important! Update 2018.11.12.

We are passionate about juggling outdoor (and for free), but the winter can be cold in Hungary. Since we will never forget to juggle on Wednesday and meet with our artist friends, we sometimes have to go indoor.

In case of bad weather we move to the Inspiral Circus Center, what is on the other side of Budapest. Address: 1117 Budapest, Sopron út 19/A (click for the map).

If you have questions about the location of the next event, or you just want to say hi, then leave us a message.